Sunday Living 06.52

Sometimes you have to pause and make snow angels. While you’re laying pressed to the ground you can feel earth’s movement, measured by the clouds whirling passed you in the winter blue sky – and though you know life goes on – it feels, for a moment, like you’ve stopped time. 

This week has required pausing; appreciating the important and putting on hold the superfluous. Have you ever been there?

Emily Smith
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  1. I’ve been there a lot lately, actually. I wish there was snow here to make snow angels in! your son is so cute!!

  2. Yesterday, with soft snowflakes twirling in the sky, was a perfect surreal moment to let the child in me make a snow angel. I took in the beauty of it all but failed to go the distance – yeah a snow angel would have been sweet. I will next time!

  3. Your kids are adorable! A couple months ago I had a snowball fight with my friends and although it was cold, totally memorable!

  4. I wish. The crunch of midterms has arrived so my weekends have found less and less time to feel comfortable. I feel tired out of my mind. I’m ready for this term to be over! thank you so much for this super sweet post!

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