Happy 2nd Anniversary Love of my Life

During the summer of the turn of the century, in the mountains of Tennessee, two young mice from two very different places met and began what was going to become a grand friendship. The young girl mouse was from the beautiful city of Ottawa and she was a pretty but very cheeky mouse.
The other mouse was a young boy from the mountains, where the girl mouse just so happened to be visiting with her mom; he was a rambunctious but shy sort of mouse. When they ran into each other on an otherwise normal day, fireworks of mischief lit up in their eyes and they were fast to begin adventures.
Their friendship ignited quicker than they were prepared for, and they knew that theirs was a special sort of friendship built upon wondrous things. Too soon though, the city mouse had to return to her Ottawa and the boy mouse had to stay in his Tennessee; it hurt them both to say goodbye, neither knowing each other very well but both wanting to very badly.
Summer went by slowly, both missing the mischievous friendship that had just started; but near
the end of the summer the country mouse was to get the first of big surprises in his life. The city mouse was returning to the mountains! He wasn’t sure if he would ever see her again but before he knew it there she was and they were together again! Close to the end of the city mouse’s trip, the country mouse decided it was only fair that he surprised her. He decided to go back with her to her city. It was there that this country mouse saw a world that was larger than he expected and they both saw a friendship that was larger than they had imagined.
That summer was the greatest of all summers recorded in the history of mousekind (or at the very least for these two mice). What had been created was not just a magical friendship but a quiet love; a love that was so quiet you could then have only whispered it in hushed voices for fear it would be scared away. That quiet love turned out to be something very strong, because it was built by good stuff,
the good stuff of truly being friends.
As the season officially closed and it was time to return to boring things like geometry tests and literature papers the two mice took deep breaths, had a handshake and made an agreement to remain friends and keep tabs on each other. They were still unaware that a deep,sneaky love had come between them.
The years went by fast and the mice tried as best they could to keep in touch, they wrote letters and had late night telephone conversations. They sent each other parcels with everything from books to bubble gums. Unfortunately though they grew up faster than they expected and after four or five years the friends and pen pals slowly lost touch of each other.
The city mouse was working like a busy bee in the fashion world of Montreal and she was a smash hit because the city mouse is a very fashionable lady. The country mouse became a sailor to see more of an unexpectedly large world and he had only a seabag, a peacoat and a rusty boat to name home.
Even though both were still far away from each other’s world, sometimes they would stop and wonder back on that mischievous summer and the fun friendship and ponder how it floated away.
Time went on like this until one day the city mouse was having lunch with a friend who had heard that the country mouse was a sailor and this startling news shocked the city mouse, who is always surprised when she is shocked. It shocked her so much it made her mad. Then after being mad a little she decided to give the country mouse a telephone call to ask what business he had sailing about having mischief and adventures without her! So one quiet day in port the country mouse was stuck by himself having dinner waiting to set sail again when, to his great surprise, who should call but his friend city mouse! After she told him how she felt about having adventures and forgetting their friendship – he agreed, what had happened? How could this silly mistake be fixed? Well to begin with they started back with long telephone conversations, letters and a deep amazement of how much affection they had for each other and the months went by.
One day on the telephone the country mouse told the city mouse that his boat was sailing up to New York City and the city mouse who had lived in New York City demanded that they meet up again for it had been too long since they got into any trouble together. Well this arrangement for mischief made the country mouse nervous; it had been eight years since he had seen the city mouse and even though they knew each other very well from stretching years of telephone talks and letters, the butterflies wouldn’t flutter from the country mouse’s belly. Still the city mouse persuaded him into agreeing because the city mouse almost always knows what she wants and usually gets it.
So the city mouse took a train from Montreal and the country mouse took a ship from Virginia and magically they both found themselves walking in New York City towards each other; not knowing what to expect but wanting so much. Much more than either had ever expected, now they wanted a larger world, a world that before was shyly imagined but now so heartbreakingly close to actual.
When his ship pulled into the harbor, the country mouse grabbed his seabag and stuffed it with his belongings as fast as he could and dashed off the ship, walking in the direction the city mouse said she would meet him. Slowly it began to rain and the country mouse walked faster until a little bit in the distance he could make out a lone pretty mouse girl walking towards him, and even though he could barely see her (because the country mouse had stuffed his seeing glasses in his pocket) he could feel that this was a special mouse walking towards him and his belly filled with butterflies and everything slowed down even though it was New York City…
©2010 Mouse Love Story by David Smith & Emily Smith. All rights reserved.
We’ve been inseparable
since that moment-
Though we are apart
right now
I carry you in my heart.
Happy Anniversary to the most amazing, loving, wonderful husband –
I love you.

Emily Smith

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  1. Happy Anniversary to you both! Such a sweet story! I saw the copyright above. Is your husbands name David Smith? (That’s my husbands name!)

  2. Thank you Noemi! I’m happy you found it 🙂 I just checked out your fashion blog & it’s so great! Congratulations on the time square billboard, what an honor! xo

  3. I loved every bit of this story and got chill bumps reading it. True love is unmistakeable and undeniable. Happy belated anniversary! Thank you for sharing the story with me!

  4. Aw, thank you Anna! I’m just all about true love! I love celebrating the love I have and hearing about the love that other’s share…. I think it’s a beautiful thing! Here’s to L-O-V-E 🙂

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