The Pumpkin Patch and Carving Ideas

What a perfect pile of pumpkins!  Little A. wanted to take them all home, he was so smitten!

We had a ton of fun visiting our local pumpkin patch and picking out several pumpkins.
Some to eat, some to carve, some to play with.

I love the different shades and how the white ones stand out.
Have you been pumpkin picking yet?  What are your plans with your pumpkins?

Well, you already know how much I love baking and cooking with ’em
I really want to carve one!  My husband has great skills when it comes
    to this, but I really have no expertise at all.  That doesn’t mean that I’m
    not going to try!

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  1. how fun! look at that big awesome mound of orange bliss! little A looks completely enthralled with the whole experience. dag, your carving insp is incredible. i don’t know how well i’d do with that one, gotta have the steadiest of hands. i’m uber excited, providing the rain holds off, to go pumpkin patching this weekend. here’s hoping it isn’t one big orange soggy mush pile by that time.

    thanks for all the comment love Emily, you’re the BEST! and i’d totally try your pumpkin pie; you might just have the exact thing to turn me around about its tasty qualities. in fact i’d bet my boodle on it! xo ♥

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