Old Fashioned Cookies

Is your mouthwatering? I know you just want to bite right into these freshly made old fashioned chocolate chip cookies.  Yep, they’re just the way your mom made them when you were a kid – and they’re gluten-free! Happy dance 🙂  I wish I could take the credit for these scrumptious cookies, but these ones are courtesy of the Gluten Free Pantry Old fashioned Cake & Cookie Mix by Glutino.
Here’s what’s baking – when I was first diagnosed with gluten-intolerance I was really crushed that I would be missing out on the things that most people enjoy regularly; bread, pizza, cookies, brownies…etc. At the time there really wasn’t much available on the market in terms of gluten-free mixes and ready made items, so I learned to bake gluten-free using available flours. However, baking from scratch isn’t for everyone – so I wanted to do a little investigative research into the available baking mixes to see if they are worth your while – you, being the newbie on the gluten free block 😉

Glutino kindly agreed to help me with my investigation and supplied me with a sample of each of the following from their Gluten Free Pantry line:

  • Old Fashioned Cake & Cookie mix
  • Chocolate Truffle Brownie mix
  • Perfect Pie Crust
  • French Bread & Pizza Mix
Each Tuesday in the month of April, I’ll try one of them and give you my verdict. I’m hoping this will help you out when you are picking up groceries and are faced with the ever growing gluten-free section in your neighborhood store (yay! it’s here…boo, not all of its good!)
So, back to the cookies, shall we?
I used the Old Fashioned Cake & Cookie Mix to make chocolate chip cookies: the mix + butter + eggs + vanilla + chocolate chips = seriously yummy cookies.  These are truly comparable to regular (non-gluten) delicious chocolate chip cookies – and let’s face it, when you’re new to gluten-free…you compare everything to how it would taste if it were chock full of gluten!
What’s the verdict? A cinch to make; the cookies were ready in only 15 minutes! Mr. Smith and Little A. were happy taste-testers and it was yums-up all around.  I’m giving this baking mix a 5 out 5!

>>> HERE’S YOUR CHANCE TO WIN FOUR GLUTEN FREE PANTRY MIXES TO TRY FOR YOURSELF!! ONE LUCKY WINNER WILL RECEIVE ONE MIX OF EACH OF THESE: Old Fashioned Cake & Cookie Mix, Chocolate Truffle Brownie Mix, Perfect Pie Crust, French Bread & Pizza Mix! <<<

1) Leave a comment below and let me know why you’d love to win this set of baking mixes!
    (please include your email address or link to your blog with contact)

FOR TWO EXTRA ENTRIES (leave a separate comment for each):

4) Like Glutino on Facebook and leave a note on their page letting them know that The Best of this Life sent you!

Giveaway will end April 23rd at 11pm Eastern Time 
(and will be announced along with the last gluten free pantry baking mix review)
Winner will be selected using random.org and will be contacted the following day. 
Winner will receive four gluten free pantry mixes sent to them by mail.
* This is not a paid post, my views are solely my own opinions.


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  1. Thanks for the awesome giveaway — I would love to win these mixes! As someone who’s completely new to trying to eat g-free, I know this would be a great start 🙂

  2. Those look nummy. I would love to win this awesome giveaway because I just recently found that I am gluten intolerant (when I was diagnosed with extreme iron deficiency anemia). Because I have been keeping track of my symptoms I have found that gluten was what was causing my recurring headaches as well. The anemia was caused by lack of iron (and other nutrient) absorption caused by gluten intolerance.
    I have been searching GF recipes for days but am overwhelmed by all the varying flours (rice, tapioca, garbanzo bean, coconut etc…) that some recipes call for in order to make them similar to the “real” thing. Plus, it can get expensive to buy so many different flours when I don’t even know if I will like any of them. This would be helpful in figuring out what would work for our family since my son is 7 and very picky. Thanks for the great blog. 🙂

  3. I would love to get to try gluten free cookies! They look delicious!! I would love to try these, though I am not gluten intolerant, I still think these are something my family would love.

  4. Thank you for posting this!! I am a recent self discovered individual with gluten sensitivity after 6 months of non stop testing. I am diagnosed with IBS-D and I am on a gluten free diet. I am always looking for ways to feel like I am one with the crowd….It’s hard going to parties or out to eat and missing out on the once loved foods. These four samples would give me another opportunity to explore my options. I started a gluten free blog myself and would love to add some new recipes to mine (musicallybakedgoddess@blogspot.com)

    Thanks AGAIN!

  5. Thank you for making gluten free delicious and easier for thhis single mom of a celiac child .Hope to win we could use all the help we can get 🙂 Keep up the fantastic work !

  6. I am truly new to being a celiac. I have not found anything that taste like anything that remotely taste like it used to with the gluten in it.(including any kind of bread). I am so wishing for something that taste like it used to so much. I would love to have thesr mixes to be able to try for myself. Thank You, Lillian Tillman tillmanjohn@sbcglobal.net

  7. I’d love to win this, mostly because I’m newly gluten-free and still learning how to bake gluten-free, so mixes would be excellent. But also, I’m on a limited income. It’s hard to buy so much gluten-free stuff, so I usually just go without. I would be grateful for a way to enjoy gluten-free foods without spending all of my grocery budget!

  8. WOW! do those cookies look yummy .. I wish I could reach through the computer to enjoy one or two of them. I’d love to win some of your products. I’m new to gluten-free & having suitable replacements for some of my cravings.

  9. In October 2011, my 2 yr old son was diagnosed w/ autism. Several people suggested the gluten free casein free diet. Several autistic children’s behaviors have improved. I’m new to the diet & devoted to trying things that will help my son, as well as my 5 yr old daughter who has severe food & environmental allergies. The cookies look delicious and I know we would enjoy them. tiffanygrubbs53@yahoo.com

  10. We just found out that our 8 year old daughter has celiac’s, and I’m still looking for ways to make her deserts. Winning these would help us out, majorly.

  11. My family is on a gluten free diet, because my husband has chorns disease, I have hypothyroid, and my son just prefer the taste of them. Gluten free diet helps my husband digest food better and it’s no heavy on his system. I myself feel heathlier and we are trying to conceive another child. We would love some freebies. Lilytsotos@hotmail.com

  12. I would love to win these mixes to give to my family and friends who want to start learning to cook Gluten-free. I use just about every Glutino product, but I always looking for extra ways to use them and people to share them with.

  13. Thanks for sharing your review! I’d absolutely love to win these mixes because as a college student and recently diagnosed Celiac, buying gf food really puts a strain on my (already small) budget. Plus, having mixes like these makes me feel a little bit more “normal” because I can eat pizza and cookies like other people. E-mail address: kerr1124@bears.unco.edu

  14. Great review! I love Glutino products (mmmm–choc covered pretzels!) but haven’t tried those chocolate chip cookies. Have just had 3 of my 5 kids diagnosed w/celiac and am EAGER for tasty treats to ease the transition. Would love to try these free products–GF is pricey, but worth it for good health!

  15. I would love to win these mixes because I deal a lot with cancer patients and I feel that gluten-free eating is a major benefit for someone who’s system is being bombarded with chemo and radiation. I enjoy sharing “natural” remedies and antidotes with my clients. I also like to see them experiment with my information and get excited over the results. I think that sharing these mixes with them would open up a whole new way of eating for many. They could experience it for themselves and realize that they wouldn’t be deprived of anything. Deborah tranqquilmoments@att.net

  16. Cookies look great! My wife is gluten free and it is getting so much easier to eat this way. Glutino products usually taste the best. We’re finding more and more restaurants are becoming aware of G/F as well. Keep up the good work!

  17. It would be awesome to win these mixes! I love to bake and I have a point to make with my family… I’m the only one who eats GF and I have made it my mission to prove to the rest of them that GF free can taste just as good if not better than regular!

  18. My family was heartbroken and traumatized when we found out that half of us were gluten intolerant! For years, I had spoiled them with the luxury of fresh homemade baked goods, (NEVER using mixes). I found that keeping my tradition was hard when I had to change flours & begin experimenting with foreign substances like xanthum gum! We can always tell the difference with mixes and additives! On a whim, I bought Gluten Free Pantry’s Pancake & Waffle mix & took it camping. I had access to electricity, so I plugged in my waffle iron, made the mix & cranked out waffles, topping them with whipping cream and strawberries! Besides the fact that I had to grease my iron more than usual, these waffles were perfect and amazing! For the first time, my family was delighted with a mix! I rushed home and told my gluten free friends to try the mix! THANK YOU Gluten Free Pantry! I don’t know how you did it, but I can’t wait to try more of your mixes! Which leads me to my main point….Please, please, award me with the prize so that I can bake up a storm and make my family happy by trying some more of these mixes!

  19. I would love to win these mixes. I was diagnosed this year and I am just learning the basics of gf cooking. Premade mixes are a godsend right now, I love my sweets and haven’t mastered all the different types of flours.

  20. I was just diagnosed with Celiac’s disease a week and a half ago, and it’s a bit of a struggle. I feel like I’m thwarted, especially at restaurants, in finding things that I CAN eat (I’m also lactose intolerant and have a beef allergy). I know it’ll get easier, but anything that helps with making things “normal” right now would help 🙂


  21. Thanks for the giveaway!! 🙂 I’ve been on a gluten-free diet for over 16 years. I don’t think I’ve had ‘good’ GF cookies in almost a year ~ my daughter baked me some for my birthday last year. If I could just go to the cupboard to produce such beautiful cookies, aw, what a sweet life that would be! 😛

  22. I would love to win these mixes. We don’t have access to much where I live and it would be great to win some. There’s gluten-free diet requirements at home and several friends as well.

  23. I don’t blog, but I sure like to cook! These mixes look like they open up a world of experiences that I thought I had lost forever when I went gluten free.

  24. Emily, this was a great contest. I love Glutino and I am really enjoying your blog. Thank you!

    Have you considered having a clear way of entering email addresses without having them published? I get so much crazy unsolicited email that I hesitate to post it where a program searching the web can pick it up and send me a virus.

  25. @anonymous: The best way is to create a blogger profile – it takes two minutes (you don’t have to have a blog)and you can set up your profile to link to your email address ( you must enable this) – so that I can email you via your profile, rather than you writing out your email address in the comments. If that is not possible, than I would recommend when entering a contest you write out your email address like this:

    emily (at) bestofthislife (dot) com

    Most robots won’t pick that up.

    Additionally, if you would like, you can leave your full name and then email me directly with your email address – that way, if I pull your name/comment, I can match it to the private email you sent me!

    The reason why I need a valid email address/profile/blog link is so that I know that each entry is from an individual that I can get in contact with – and not ‘bogus’ entries, which isn’t fair to everyone.

    Thank you so much for following The Best of this Life. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to email me!

  26. I use to love to bake, but after being diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity I stopped for a while. I would love to start baking again and be able to enjoy ‘homemade’ cookies and cakes again.

  27. My daughter is very high on the scale of gluten allergies and my son and I am about in the high middle so I am always trying to bake from scratch with all the different flours, rarely with good success. Would LOVE to try these mixes.

  28. This is always fun. Gluten free is the only way to be…
    Going gluten free has saved me from a lot of syndromes. Fibromyalsia, IBS etc…
    This will be a chance to try a different product, yours…

  29. Is this giveaway still going on? I would love to participate if so. I would like to win because my daughter is celiac and I am not a baker (especially now having to go gf) and I have to come up with ideas for a gf gathering for homeschool high school graduation party! This would help! 🙂

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