Sunday Living 28.52

Although today has been a very rainy day, the past few have been splendid. We’ve been outside soaking up the sun and fine weather. This time will forever be burned in me as the summer before my Little A. started school. He is three years old, not a baby any more, but not quite a boy either. He is growing up, discovering plenty each day, asking questions at every turn and taking the world in. He is my small adventurer, although there is nothing small about how he sees the things around him. He is hungry to learn, to see, to explore and to live. When I pick him up now and whisper, I love you baby – he is quick to tell me, Mama I am not a baby – Abigail is a baby. I am a boy.

Sometime between turning three and now, there has been a shift. How hard it is as a parent to let that happen. To let him navigate his growth and capacity, rather than myself. I mean, in the sense of wanting to keep him a baby and stop time. I look at him and think, wow – you are incredible and you are just three. Even though it feels too young to go to school, I know he is ready for it. He is ready for taking in more, making new friends, and the exciting adventure that awaits. And even though my mother’s heart is tender at this passage, I know it will be wonderful.

On this rainy day, I’m contemplative of these things. The rain always seems to hem things in and make me look inward – strange thing that weather. But, it’s been a lovely day with my family and enjoying such small, beautiful moments.

Emily Smith

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  1. Those small yet beautiful moments certainly are the best. Rainy days are nice to have every now and then. Precious photos, Emily. Your daughters face is so full of pure happiness. Adorable. 🙂

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