Why Summer is the Happiest Time of the Year #AveenoSunCare

It’s the sunshine. It’s the fresh air. It’s the salt water outdoor pool, the long evening walks, the warm breeze. Summer is the happiest time of year for our family. Christmas is a very close second. But during the long winter months, we long for our summer. As I’ve said here before, to say that we make the most of it would be an understatement – considering that we are outside doing something to take advantage of the weather each…and…everyday. 

My husband loves our summers in Ottawa; they are much cooler than the scorching heat he once knew as a teenager living in North Carolina. Here we are looking at a 22 – 29 celsius week forecast (72 – 84 Fahrenheit). It’s hot, but quite enjoyable. The pool feels incredibly refreshing at that temperature and mornings spent at the park are delightful. We also make our way to the splash pad with a picnic in hand to make the most of our time there, not rushing home to the air conditioning, but rather finding a shady tree.

Summer is bliss. I for one do not shy away from the sunshine, because I love the energy it gives me. I am so happy when I get to bask in bright, sunny days. That said, I do know a thing or two about proper sun protection and am very diligent about imposing the rules on myself and our family. We load up on sunscreen at the beginning of the season and we use it daily. Mister Smith and I haven’t truly stuck with one kind over the years, but for our kids – we always look for a gentle, moisturizing, waterproof formula. We got the chance to put Aveeno® Baby Sunscreen (SPF 55) to the test this week on both of our children (3 1/2 and 6 months old) and we were very happy with their product. 

The Aveeno® Baby Sunscreen lotion is wonderfully creamy and not goopy whatsoever. It contains skin-soothing colloidal oatmeal that keeps skin nicely moisturized. I patch tested it on Abigail’s ankle before slathering it all over her. She was keen to get a hold of the bottle and add more to her legs! It has a gentle, natural smell and a non-greasy formula. The lotion absorbed nicely over Abby and Aiden’s skin. Of course, I didn’t hesitate to try it myself –  I liked its transparent and easy application. We were in the pool for forty-five minutes, splashing around and in and out of direct sunlight; during which time, I was confident that the kids were well protected. It also reassures me, as a momma, that the complete AVEENO® BABY skin care line is pediatrician recommended in Canada and Aveeno® Sunscreen Lotions including AVEENO® BABY Sunscreen Lotion SPF 55 are recognized by the Canadian Dermatology Association.

I will definitely use this sunscreen lotion on my little ones this summer, because of its skin-soothing properties and effectiveness. Aveeno® Baby Sunscreen paired with sun hats, lots of water, ”cool down” time in the shade or indoors, and rehydrating smoothies is the perfect way for enjoying the sun and outdoor activities, while practising safe sun care.

What are your family’s favourite summer activities? What are some of the things you look for when choosing what product to use on your child(ren)’s skin?  

While you enjoy the gorgeous summer weekend ahead, remember to stay sun safe with #AveenoSunCare



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  1. I love summer too but I´m careful with the sun since I´m a readhead – otherwise I´d look like a crayfish! 😀

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