Be Part of the Canadian Film, Baby Blues

The impact of the arts on Canadian lives is widespread. From pleasure to identity, the arts weave into our daily worlds and change us, make us more, question our foundations, and keep our brain ticking. Especially when they differ from Hollywood’s fast film mould and cause us to jolt a bit, ponder and expand our horizons.

Creating art is not cheap. There are grants available and generous backers, however they don’t fall from the sky and connecting with the right people to fund a project is a task in of itself. However, it is one that artists often pursue with the hopes of seeing their dream and work come to fruition. 

With the power of the inter webs, more than ever, art-lovers and supporters are connecting with creators. Thanks to sites like Indiegogo, more dreams are being realized.

I’d like to share with you a film project that I’m excited to be part of  as a contributor – it’s called Baby Blues and it’s a short film that has been shot in Toronto. The plot: three friends attempt a next-level con until their perfect plan takes on a life-changing turn.

This project was inspired by love, heartbreak, a parking lot with graffiti and old cars that writer and director, Jessica Lafrance, would pass by on her way to work every day. 

With our help, Baby Blues will be the best it can be – the best production editing, sound, and colour correction. Along with creating the best movie, our donations will also help the Baby Blues Short Film enter film festivals around the globe, continuing to put Canadians on the map.

There is an incredible cast and crew on this project including Julian Richings as Billy, Jessica Kennedy as Katie, Jason DeRosse as Mark, Jonathan Koensgen as Owen, and  Craig Thomas as Chet.

There’s only 4 days left to contribute to the Baby Blues Indiegogo, would you please consider giving? There are many levels of gifts available and every contribution makes a difference.

Be part of making this film amazing and learn more about the project and actors/artists involved.

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Emily Smith

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