3 Simple Ways to Give This Mother’s Day Without Added Expectation

Mother's Day Without Added Expectation

Make gift-giving special this Mother’s Day without the stress and expectation

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to let a special mother in your life know you’re thinking of them and want to honour them for being their awesome selves. A lot of times we get hung up on the gifts to give on Mother’s Day, but we really needn’t be! Here’s a simple guide to encourage you to celebrate and give thoughtfully without being overwhelmed with expectation:

  1. Don’t worry, generic gifts are okay, especially when they’re thoughtful: sometimes when looking to give a gift to a loved one we forget there are simple possibilities all around they would enjoy. Buying them their favourite chocolate, makeup, or wine is special, because you’re thinking of something they personally enjoy. Often a small, personalized gift can be more meaningful than a more expensive random one; the finesse in buying a generic gift is to present them with things you know they love. This is also true of classic Mother’s Day gifts like flowers, they are so well-received when you pick the recipients favourite bloom.
  2. Let your gift tell a story: there are times when we simply can’t think of a gift idea for Mother’s Day, or we are looking for a gift for a mother we don’t know too well. In this situation, a personal gift that tells a story about you can be just the thing. I know you’re thinking, “why would I make this about me?” When you give a gift you’ve personally experienced and enjoyed, you are sharing with the recipient a bit about yourself and also believing they will love the gift just as much as you have. In this way you are sharing more than just the gift, you are also giving them a new experience along with a gift and inviting them to get to know you better. Giving a present that tells a story is always engaging and can be very appropriate for relationships new and old.
  3. Add special touches: this is a big one for me, I truly believe thoughtful, finishing touches make a difference. When the giver has taken the time to add a personal card and beautiful wrapping, it’s like the icing on the cake! It doesn’t take much to personalize a gift by taking a moment to pen a quick note (or even a lengthy one) and add some pretty gift-wrapping. These added elements can immediately make the present feel even more special.

In the end, the best thing you can give moms for Mother’s Day is some thought and attention. Whether you give a small or big gift, just remember it really is the thought that counts. Some of my favourite gifts to receive are things I already love but haven’t remembered to treat myself with in a while – like the latest Essie nail colour, a rejuvenating facial, dinner to my favourite restaurant, or a new book (and the time to read it! For moms with young children, a break is always appreciated!). These things may not sound like over the top expressions of gratitude for being a mother but they are – they say, “ I see you, you’re amazing, here’s something I know you’d enjoy, and you definitely deserve it, I love you.”

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Emily Smith

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  1. I know first hand that giving a gift to your mom can be stressful for many sons but I love your simple yet poignant tips.
    There is no doubt that basic gifts are always appreciated as long as you truly think about her needs. I often never buy myself certain things cause I hate shopping or spending money on myself so when a person buys me gifts like clothes, I really appreciate it cause it saves me from shopping and the stress of spending my money.
    I love your idea of having the gift tell a story. If your gift can tell any story that relates to your relationship with your mom then it is a great gift.

  2. Such great tips! Mother’s day seems to sneak up on me every year, so I’m glad I now have time to think of something special!

  3. Yes, I totally agree! Let’s take the stress out of gift giving and go back to being focused on expressing our love and thoughtfulness! Great post!

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