Sunday Living 18.52

This week seems to have been exceptionally busy. My husband and I were having non-sensical conversations by the end of it…

– Do you know where the car keys are?

– They’re in the car. No, they’re in the stroller. No, I’m trying to say, my….purse.

And another one went like this….

– Honey, can you sort the files?

– Which files?

– What are you talking about, I said laundry…can you sort the laundry?

– Sure, that makes more sense.

We try to keep a sense of humour through the stress of everyday life. The messes, the wakeful nights, the unpredicted meltdown, the busy work days  – there will always be something, but rising above it and making the most of each day is where we thrive, where we find the gems and the brilliant spontaneous ideas. Nothing has taught me more about spontaneity than having children. Oh, I still plan – but for the most part, it always goes out the window! Babes are wild, adventurous creatures and their minds know no boundaries yet…that is a beautiful thing.

So, when my three year old asks for pancakes for lunch with big, excited eyes – I save the pasta for dinner. And when my 4 month old wants to blow spit bubbles and giggles instead of napping – I pour myself another cup of coffee and rest beside her while she has at it. This is the essence of Sunday Living in each day. When you can slow yourself down, even in the fast paced, to soak up that goodness.  Like catching my kiddos piled up on daddy. Like the perfect light streaming onto Abigail’s face after bath time. Like freshly baked cookies.

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday living today friends.

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