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Chelsea Pub: Fine Bistro Dining Without The Frills

Wicked Burger Chelsea Pub

With a location in the heart of Old Chelsea, in the Outaouais region, the Chelsea Pub has been serving as a gathering place for the village since 1875. As you approach the restaurant, you get the feeling that you are driving up to a friend’s cottage. On a sunny summer’s afternoon, the terrace is packed, a fresh delivery of local beer arrives, and people are continuing their lunch conversations on their bikes in the parking lot. It’s a meeting place and it’s happening.

After a morning spent at the Mont Cascades water park, my family and I worked up a healthy appetite. To begin our visit, we were greeted by the kind and inviting staff who showed us to our perfectly situated table, right under a shady tree. We met the manager of the Chelsea Pub, Manuela Teixera, who welcomed us as if into her own home and assured us we were in good care with our lovely server. And I can attest that we certainly were.

Terrace Chelsea Pub

My husband, a beer aficionado, inquired about the local artisan beers and from our waiter’s recommendation, he tried a pint of Bonnie Parker rousse. He was very impressed with it and it quickly became one of his favourite local beers. For myself, I wanted a light, full-bodied white wine and she found me just the right thing – a glass of Chardonnay, by Morgan Bay, California.

The menu at the Chelsea Pub has everything from standard pub fare to exquisite culinary tapas and main courses. To say the least, making a choice was difficult. Mr. Smith went for the meat and ordered the Wicked Burger.I was a bit sun drenched from our time at the waterpark and opted for a lighter meal, selecting the Spinach Smoked Salmon Salad. My son, 4, selected a cheese pizza and for our daughter, 18 months, we ordered the chicken strips with french fries – both of them off of the children’s menu ($7/each)

Magnetic Drawing Board Chelsea Pub

As we waited for our meals, we happily relaxed, sat back enjoying our drinks and the bustling atmosphere of the pub. The kids were brought a magnetic drawing board each, which kept them busy as well as happy until they were served.

Side note: I think this idea is genius and it’s the first time I see it at a restaurant. No one fussed over who got what colour of crayon, there was no attempt to eat the crayons, and neither of my children drew on the table.

Chelsea Pub Wicked Burger

In no time, our lunch arrived. The legendary Wicked Burger did not disappoint. My husband described it as “burger heaven”.  It was loaded with bacon, lettuce, tomato, mix mushrooms, homemade BBQ sauce, onion rings and smoked cheddar. Aiden, my son, dug into his pizza without hesitation and didn’t stop until every last piece was eaten. I asked him if he had enjoyed it? He said, and I quote, “It was SO yummy!” Abigail seemed to have the same sentiment about her chicken and fries. She was especially taken with dipping her french fries into the homemade plum sauce.

Kid's Chicken Nuggets Chelsea Pub Kids Meal Chelsea Pub Gatineau Kid's Pizza Chelsea Pub

As for me, my salad hit the spot in every way. The baby spinach was fresh and crisp, the mountain of smoked salmon was chilled to perfection and melted in my mouth, the goat’s cheese was smooth and creamy, and the dressing was on point. I enjoyed every mouthful of that salad and was so content I easily chose to pass on dessert. That said, my original intention when passing their enticing display of desserts on our way to our table was set on Atomic Key Lime Pie.  Which only means one thing, we will have to go back!

Chelsea Pub Spinach Salmon SaladSpinach Salmon Salad Chelsea Pub

The food at the Chelsea Pub was very delicious and our order showcased their ability to deliver, as much on traditional pub food (burgers, fries, chicken strips) as on more high culinary dishes, such as the Spinach Smoked Salmon Salad. The location is surrounded by main street shops, mature trees, and close to Gatineau Park. In fact, it’s only 10 minutes from downtown Gatineau.

I truly enjoyed the relaxed and friendly atmosphere as well as our bistro-style meals. Overall, it’s a fantastic place to eat, whether you are dining solo or in a large group, you’re sure to be well taken care of – as we were.

The Chelsea Pub is located at 238 Old Chelsea Road, Chelsea

Website: www.chelseapub.ca

Twitter: @chealseapub

Facebook: facebook.com/pubchelsea

Have you booked a VIP Package in the Outaouais region? Show your VIP Access Card at the Chelsea Pub to receive free dessert (until October 2015). 

Outaouais Tourism

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  1. Wow, all that food looks amazing and the outdoor restaurant space looks like a lot of fun! I may just have to get Dh to drive us up to Chelsea for a good meal. After seeing that Wicked Burger I already know that is what he will get, for me it all comes down to what strikes me. Haha. Thanks for the review and recommendation!

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