Under The Christmas Tree: Massive Monster Mayhem Toys

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Have you heard of Massive Monster Mayhem?

If you haven’t seen the television show, Massive Monster Mayhem combines elements of game-show, obstacle course, sci-fi, and action all in one. And while the television show might be, in my opinion, for a more mature tween audience, the toys are fun for imaginative play from age 4-12 years old.

Whether your kids are playing in their playroom, running around outside, or jumping on their beds, they’ll most likely have a blast play-fighting and pretending to be building-smashing-creatures…or protecting the world from them with these toys. 

At first, I was unaware of the game-show but seeing the toy line, developed by Alpha Group and available at Toys “R” US in Canada, I knew it would be a big hit with our two creative kiddos, who both love dressing up and having fun adventures.

So this weekend my husband snuck downstairs and blew up the inflatable Bash Armor and jumped into the living room as Macho Cheese! Our kids went nuts and the fun mayhem began!

With the inflatable Bash Armor, my kids jumped around as Macho Cheese and Robro, two characters from the show. The Bash Armor inflates into wearable headgear and fists. They had a blast playing together in this hilarious gear.

Then I pulled out the Massive Mayhem Monster Figure called Major Disappointment (which is the name of the character not how I feel about it), which I think is a pretty cute robot toy! Haha, I know what you’re going to say, “These figures aren’t supposed to be cute!” but honestly, the 16″ tall figure with a spinning drill, submarine nunchucks and bunny slippers (yes you read that right) is one of the funniest and kind-a-cute movable and talking action figures I have ever seen.

The toy fits in perfectly with my son’s action figure collection and is a lot of fun to play with!

I’m pretty impressed with the toy line created by Alpha Group and available at Toys “R” US Canada and we’ll be wrapping some of the other toys up to open Christmas morning, like the Power Punchers.

The Power Punchers are motion activated foam fists with bashing sounds and phrases from the show. The Inflatable Bash Weapons – which are three different 4’’ tall fun weapons that are easily inflatable like the Bash Armor. The Bash Em’ Up Foam Weapons – made up of soft foam these are some of the weapons the characters use in the television show (like the submarine nunchucks – smashmarines). And the 5’’ diameter Massive Moon Battle Ball is a huge inflatable ball that is a great accessory for creating some fun and safe mayhem!

Even though my kids haven’t seen the television show, they were very much into these toys and the imaginative play they lead to. My husband and I even got in on the fun! I can definitely see us playing with the inflatable Bash Armor outside this summer!

If you’re looking for a gift idea your kids can have fun playing with all year long, check these out.

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