My Candid Interview With Empress Avenue About Blogging and Being An Entrepreneur

Candid Interview with Empress Avenue about blogging and being an entrepreneur-2

Recently I had the honour of being interviewed on EmpressAvenue.com in relation to my blogging journey, recent successes, and thoughts on being an entrepreneur. It would mean a lot to me if you clicked over to read the article and let me know your thoughts.

In the interview, I share about what lead me to creating a blog and some advice for lady bosses everywhere.

Sneak Peek:

How would you define success? – Success is creating content (writing, photography, video) that aligns with my core values, while delivering a positive message to its recipient. When I can make a person’s day  better, easier, more fun and encourage them to share their light with the world around them – then I feel successful.  That may come by way of a great recipe, time saving hack, a personal story, a stellar fashion tip or even a simple Instagram picture. You wouldn’t believe the messages I’ve received over a post I wrote about how to freeze bananas the right way! You just never know how you’ll help someone out. In that same vein, success is  loving what I do – which is creating and connecting.

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