Let Me Upgrade You: The New Dial ADVANCED Bar Soap

Dial Soap Advance

Your bar of soap is about to get a major upgrade! First of all, we go through soap in this house like it’s nobody’s business.  Before I had kids, a fancy little soap pump could last me a while. But, these kiddos are MESSY. I mean, between sticky, muddy, craft hands – it’s a wonder they ever have clean hands. But they do, thanks to Dial. 

The other thing my chickadees absolutely love about washing their hands (and taking baths) – are suds and bubbles. It makes getting clean fun (oh and messy…but at least it’s a clean mess, right?).

The NEW Dial® ADVANCED Bar Soap has extra lathering power and it’s designer to be moisture-rich and non-drying. The bar has a nifty shape that is easy for small hands and grown hands to hold. My son loves to use it in the shower, because it doesn’t slip out of his hands, like some of our other bars.

Dial Soap Advanced

After an afternoon of playing in the rain and mud, a bar of Dial® ADVANCED with lather pockets is just the thing to get my monkeys cleaned up from head to toe, all while leaving their skin healthy and soft. 

I also like to keep a bar in the kitchen to wash my hands of any odorous food I’ve been prepping for meals (think onions!) – it neutralizes the smell and the aloe & vitamin E in the soap helps my skin say moisturized.

Dial Soap

To keep your family clean from head to toe, Dial Canada is giving one lucky reader’s bar of soap an upgrade! They are giving away a Dial prize pack for the whole family – valued at $75 CDN! Please enter in the widget below 🙂

Open to Canada residents only.Contest ends on April  28th – 12pm EST. The winner announced on April 29. Good luck and please share with your friends!


New Dial® ADVANCED Bar Soap is available at national retailer including: Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, and Loblaws. Suggested retail price of $8.99 (6-141g bars/pack), $3.29 (2-141g bars/pack.

This is a sponsored conversation with Dial Canada. All opinions are personal.

Emily Smith

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  1. I use bar soap at home at the sink for garden hand cleanup. I am an avid gardener and hate using gloves.

  2. When I was young there was nothing but bar soap! I still like using it though I do also have liquid soap too.

  3. My daughters and my husband always use bar soap! my husband prefers bars of soap and my daughters are always messy! I would love to give this a try as well

  4. I love using Bar Soap in the shower, anything that smells nice! I have been using plain white soap on my face, since the “beginning of time”, and I look like the younger sister! 😉

  5. Yes we do still use bar soap in this house and I would be very interested in trying the new Dial out! We spend the summer outside camping so we always seem to be getting dirty so lots of clean-ups!

  6. I use bar soap in the bath at home and pump soap at the sinks. I’ve never tried Dial bar soap before at least not that I can remember but I always love trying out new products and I like a lot of suds too:)

  7. I love bar soap!! So do our kids after getting all messy!! I would love to try this new one that pockets look cool 🙂

  8. We usually use liquid body wash and hand soap. But with the kids, they always seem to get it everywhere but where it needs to go. A bar would be more efficient for them and I think they would get a kick out of it making suds as they rub it.

  9. My husband uses bar soap all the time, and I haven’t found one that I liked yet, so maybe this will be the one for me!!

  10. We still use bar soap but also liquid soap, my granddaughter loves to use our bar soap as they do not have it at home!

  11. I do use a bar soap at home in the shower/bath.. I have never tried Dial bar soap before, so I would be very interested to try it out 🙂

  12. Yes we do use bar soap at home. Its hard to find a kind that does not dry out our skin. Yes I would love to try this. Thanks!

  13. Would love to try this new Dial Bar, love the new design it has. We use bar soaps and body washes and liquid soaps.

  14. I love using Dial hand soap. I have yet to try their bar soap. My kids are super messy and I love them using bar soap so they don’t pump too much!

  15. I use bar soap and I plan to use it even more often. I like it more that the liquid one and it’s more economical.

  16. My kids totally love to get messy, and they totally love to lather up with soap to get clean again – I sometimes think they have the most fun playing with the soap bubbles while getting clean!

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