31 Things to Do in July

Are you as obsessed with summer as I am? Because I am pretty crazy about summer, especially the month of July – which is the perfect month to knock out a summer bucket list. The summer is officially here and there is no turning back. I am throwing my arms wide open to all things summery! If you are looking for things to do in July below are 31 activities to help inspire you to embrace this amazing season and month! 

31 Awesome Summer Activities to Do in July 

  1. Celebrate Canada Day – happy birthday Canada, today we celebrate our country’s birthday and I hope it is an amazing day for you. Whether it’s a Canada Day BBQ or fireworks surround yourself with family and friends and have a blast! 
  2. Make a dessert with cherries – cherries are a perfect summer fruit, there are so many wonderful desserts you can make with them or just enjoy them on their own. 
  3. Go camping – when the weather is nice: pack up a tent, some sleeping bags and snacks and take off, camping is a perfect way to take in nature and really get some fresh air! 
  4. Celebrate the 4th of July – to all of our neighbours to the south (and my husband) happy Independence Day America! I hope it is an amazing holiday surrounded by loved ones! 
  5. Visit a lake – I love swimming in pools but really nothing beats jumping into a cool lake on a summer day, pack up a picnic and go for a swim! 
  6. Stargaze – the summer is perfect for going outside and just gazing up at the sky, you can take it a step further by finding a dark sky park and seeing the truly amazing heaven above you! 
  7. Go paddle boating – honestly, do as many activities on the water as you can, this one is no exception to fun!
  8. Go to a baseball game – “take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd,” even if you don’t follow sports, this quintessential summer activity is a blast for the whole family!  
  9. Try juicing – I love eating vegetables and fruit, and this is just another way to enjoy them, especially as a refreshing treat on a hot day!
  10. Go to an outdoor concert – if you love music this is the perfect season to enjoy live music and amazing weather! 
  11. Go strawberry picking (again) – I know I suggested this as an activity for June but go again, we are right in the middle of strawberry season and honestly is there anything tastier than a strawberry that has soaked in the summer sun? 
  12. Look for fireflies (lightning bugs) – is that a fairy or a firefly shining in the summer night, who knows? Looking for fireflies on a summer night is such a fun family activity, but I am not a fan of putting them in jars. Let them be free 🙂
  13. Dine al fresco – what is better than eating an amazing meal? Eating that same meal outside, if you’re looking for a great way to slow down and really enjoy a meal, take it outside! 
  14. Enjoy a campfire – It’s medicine for the soul to watch a campfire, and it’s medicine for the body to cook s’mores! Gathering around a campfire is such a fun way to spend time with loved ones and tell spooky stories! 
  15. Build a sandcastle – whether you are at the local park or a beach, building a sandcastle is the ultimate summer craft! 
  16. Get a flip flop tan line – if you are not working on your flip flop tan line then you are either not outside enough or you are not wearing flip flops! Go ahead and get outside wearing flip flops, it is summer! 
  17. Enjoy freezies – this iconic summer treat was a childhood favourite and you know what, I am still a fan! Freezies are good anytime during the summer but they’re best outside in the sunshine! 
  18. Eat a watermelon – this amazing fruit is just made for summer, gather your friends and family and enjoy a big one! 
  19. Go play basketball – if you are looking for a fun way to get in a workout, then go shoot some hoops.
  20. Take a bike ride – I know that I have suggested this a couple of times this year, but there is something truly magical about riding a bike in the summer. 
  21. Have a water balloon fight – there is just a special way to show love and friendship to those that matter by throwing a balloon full of water at them! Hahaha.
  22. Make giant soap bubbles – if you are into DIYs there are all kinds of recipes out there and this is a super fun family activity that will turn any backyard into a magical place!
  23. Visit a farmer’s market – this is a perfect weekend activity and an awesome way to see what local fruit and vegetables are in season.
  24. Enjoy chocolate dipped ice cream cone – just so you know summer and ice cream are best friends forever!  
  25. Relax on a giant floaty – you may think you know how to chill by the water but if you’ve never taken it easy on a giant inflatable object (think flamingo or pizza slice!) you’re missing out. This will completely up your lake or pool days, guaranteed! 
  26. Hang your wet laundry outside – trust me this isn’t just a chore, when you dry your clothes outside they are super fresh, and it saves on electricity, win-win! 
  27. Go on a road trip – even if it is just for a day trip, get in the car with the windows down and a cool drink and take off, this is a perfect adventure for any summer day.
  28. Go to the park – with school being out you better believe that my kids and I will be practically living at the park (and pool), this family activity isn’t just budget friendly it is a great way to get everyone outside (and away from screens)! You can level-up by packing some snacks and a few books and making a day out of it.
  29. Find a patio – I treat eating out as a luxury – finding a restaurant with a patio on a nice summer night, is wonderfully luxurious and a summer night well spent! 
  30. Take off to a cabin – if you live in the city, then the perfect weekend getaway may be just taking off to a cabin, don’t forget a pack of cards!
  31. Head outside and do yoga – you may say at this point that there has been a theme to most of my suggestions, and yes it is being in the sunshine, I love summer and even going out in the backyard to do some stretches is so much fun! 
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July is the month I try to check off as many things as I can on my family’s summer bucket list. Whatever you and your loved ones find to do I hope that it is amazing and that you enjoy all that summer has to offer! If I left out a great summer activity please feel free to share and have a fantastic July! 

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