Discover 10 Places to Visit in Ottawa This Spring

Embrace Spring with These Places to Visit in Ottawa!

Springtime in Ottawa is not just a fleeting season; it’s a vibrant reawakening of the city. Each year, as the snow melts and the city bursts into colour, my family eagerly revisits our favorite parks and strolls through lively neighbourhoods dotted with cafes and pop-up markets. It’s during these walks that we truly appreciate the communal spirit and beauty of Ottawa. If you’re looking for ways to soak in the spring with your family, here are ten places to visit in Ottawa that are perfect for making those cherished family memories.

1. Rideau Canal

As the ice melts, the historic Rideau Canal becomes a hub of springtime activity. Families can enjoy kayaking or paddle boating, or simply walk, bike, or rollerblade along the scenic paths that line this waterway. The waterway and surrounding trees offer relaxing views and the bike path is nice route to take into downtown.

2. Major’s Hill Park

Adjacent to Parliament Hill, Major’s Hill Park is another gem that offers stunning views of the Ottawa River. It’s the ideal spot for family picnics, surrounded by the blossoming beauty of spring flowers. Whether you get an early start and do yoga in the park as the sun rises, or take an afternoon picnic with you, spread out and read a book, it’s a good vibe and nice spot to chill. You’re also close to everything – whether you decide to grab a coffee, a bite to eat, or feel like doing some shopping at the Byward Market.

3. Canadian Tulip Festival

No spring in Ottawa is complete without experiencing the Canadian Tulip Festival. Held in May, this festival showcases over a million tulips across the city, with Commissioner’s Park featuring prominently. It’s a breathtaking sight that captures the essence of spring.

4. Parliament Hill

Visiting the iconic Parliament Hill during the spring offers more than just a political education. The hill blooms with vibrant tulips and the air buzzes with the excitement of upcoming festivals. It’s a prime spot for a leisurely family walk and the perfect backdrop for a spring photo.

5. ByWard Market

The ByWard Market is buzzing in spring, offering everything from fresh produce to unique artisan crafts. It’s a vibrant area where families can taste local delicacies, enjoy street performances, and soak in the lively atmosphere.

6. National Gallery of Canada

Take a quieter, cultural escape to the National Gallery of Canada. Spring is the perfect time to explore its impressive collection of art without the summer tour crowds, making it a more accessible and enjoyable experience for families.

7. Gatineau Park

Just a short drive from Ottawa, Gatineau Park is a natural oasis ideal for family adventures. The park’s numerous trails are perfect for spring hikes, offering peaceful lake views and lush woodland scenes.

8. Canada Aviation and Space Museum

This museum is a fascinating venue for families, especially in the quieter spring months. Explore the history of aviation and space travel, and don’t miss the interactive exhibits and flight simulators that are sure to captivate children and adults alike.

9. Experimental Farm

Visit the Central Experimental Farm to see agriculture in action and explore beautiful gardens and farm animals. Spring is a lively time here, with new plantings and baby animals making their debut.

10. Mer Bleue Bog

For a peaceful day trip, head to Mer Bleue Bog.The conservation area is especially beautiful in the spring, with its wooden boardwalk providing easy access for family walks amidst the budding natural landscape.

Explore More of Ottawa This Spring

Ottawa in spring offers countless opportunities for family outings, whether you’re looking to immerse in culture, enjoy nature, or simply explore new parts of the city. Each of these ten spots provides a unique way to enjoy the season and create lasting memories. So gather your loved ones, step outside, and enjoy all that Ottawa has to offer this spring!

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